Power-Waste Water Management

Power solutions has to be designed by keeping in mind the Business Continuity Plan(BCP) of the client. ULRICH capability truly lies in integrating state of the Art Technology in creating high solutions. We can achieve 99.999% up time with all sorts of redundancy built in at every level.

ULRICH may be one of the pioneers to introduce the concept of SMART GRID application. The concept is to integrate conventional energy and any source of renewable energy to create high availability. This also helps to minimize the carbon foot print.

Product offering

  • Motor Control Central Panel (MCCP)
  • Power Control Central Panel (PCCP)
  • Transformers and setting of yard
  • Distribution panel
  • HT/LT cable laying
  • Internal electrical wiring
  • Diesel Generator
  • Power Conditioning Equipment( Isotransformers,UPs )
  • Automatic Power factor controllers(APFC)
  • Design and Consultancy
  • Preventive maintenance / Annual Maintenance Contract.