Green Energy

Green Energy such as Solar, Wind, Bio and Ocean currents are simply more harmonious Energy. Acquisition of this Energy does not harm the Balanced Eco System. Most of time this Energy is available in abundance at all locations across the world. There are different types of solar energy applications. A few of them Parabolic Trough System, Fresnal Trough Collection System, Thermal Dish Sterlling Engine System, Solar Thin Films and Solar Mono Crystalline / Poly Crystalline.

LED lightening its another complementary product towords going Green. These lightening systems does not generate ultra violet rays and are Mercury Free. These solid state lights are proven to have a long life 50,000hours. They consume less electricity and provide same luminous of any conventional light.

ULRICH believes in promoting Green Energy for the only Reason that as a corporate Social Responsibility. It is high time that each of us consciously try to reduce the damage of Green House Effect.